Family In 80-Year-Old Cold Case Thanks Depew Police Chief

Thursday, June 28th 2018, 9:46 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Depew's current police chief recently learned about the death of George Luckett back in 1931. Thursday, family members of the late officer spoke to News On 6.

"One word, amazing, that's all I can say."

Sherri Foreman held back tears as she talked about how thankful she is, that new light is finally being shed on her great uncle’s murder.

"The amazing thing is that somebody cared and that somebody spoke up and this all started like I said, there's only one word, amazing," said Foreman.

Luckett was killed on October 6, 1931. To this day his case has never been solved. The current Depew Police Chief Chris Fetters didn't find out about Luckett’s murder until recently. he wants to find out who's responsible.

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"I'm ecstatic, finally the biggest thing I asked for last time was to actually get a photo of George, and it actually paid off," said Fetters.

Several newspaper articles from the 1930s say Depew Chief George Luckett, was shot and killed in an alley.

"This was a story that was told, at family dinners, when I was just a child, I heard the name George Luckett, I really didn't put a lot to it because he died so many years before I was born," said Foreman.

And now 87 years after Luckett’ s death, there's renewed hope that someone will come forward.

"Maybe somebody else has something going on, that this will help them or something that will help us solve this and put it to rest for our family because this became a very big thing to us," said Foreman.

Fetters says that in the end, he hopes to bring closure to a family and solve a case nearly 100 years in the making.