Copy-Truth Test: Anti-SQ 788

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 8:54 pm
By: Grant Hermes

In a final push before the vote, opponents of State Question 788, which legalizes medical marijuana, ask a lot of questions. Let's take this one claim at a time.

“Why could anyone get it without a specific medical condition?” the narrator for the ad asks as text on screen reads “for any reason.”

State question 788 does not require a specific medical condition but it does require a patient to be 18, unless they can get the go ahead from two different doctors and a parent or guardian. Doctors are also supposed to follow reasonable standards when recommending marijuana.

Can anyone get medical marijuana for any reason? No. Do they need a specific condition? No. We'll rate this misleading.

“Do we really want our college freshman growing up to twelve pounds of weed every year in their dorm room?” the ad asks.

This is technically true, even if it is outlandish. Here's why.

Production per plant varies, an article from "High Times" said a plant produces 1/4 pound per grow cycle but a study by the Rand Drug Policy Research Center show a plant can produce up to 1.2 pounds. But on average a fully-grown marijuana plant can grow roughly a pound once every six months.

Under the state question a license holder can have six full grown plants. Six plants making two pounds of weed a year, that's twelve pounds. Under the question schools wouldn't be allowed to penalize a license holder for following the new law. Here's the ad again.

“Do we really want anyone to have the right to light up next to us in public places?," the narrator asks as text on screen implies. This one is definitely misleading.

Medical marijuana license holders would still have to follow Oklahoma's public smoking laws. So anywhere you can't smoke a cigarette or cigar now, you wouldn't be able to smoke weed