Berryhill Family Is Counting Their Blessings After Garage Fire

Saturday, June 16th 2018, 6:54 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A Berryhill family says they are counting their blessing after a fire consumed their garage Saturday.

For the last five decades, a father and son used this garage to work on cars and now it's now a total loss.

"It was just a ball of fire when I walked out the door," said Beverly Buchanan.

Beverly husband and father-in-law escaped the flames and say the fire started while they were replacing a fuel pump.

"They loved working on cars. That was their passion" said Beverly

But before firefighters got there Beverly says she had to call 911 several times.

"And I told them what I needed. I needed fire and in a hurry. And the lady said OK and she transferred me but she transferred me to Bartlesville"

"There was some miscommunication between the caller and dispatch, or dispatch and us. They hear Bartlesville instead of Berryhill." Said Captain Kirk Flemmings of the Berryhill Fire Department.

After a few more calls Tulsa and Berryhill firefighters made it to the scene. Just in time,  Beverly says, to save her in-laws' house from catching fire.

"And I thank God for that. I called my pastor and he started the prayer chain. And God just works miracles, because they got here, and they got it taken care of," Said Beverly.

Inside the garage were three cars - including a 1965 Galaxie 500. The family says a tractor, three lawnmowers and tools also sit among the rubble.

Joe and his dad Derrell are both doing alright and now looking forward to Father's Day. The family says they do not plan to rebuild.