Drillers Organization Responds To ONEOK Field Burglary

Thursday, June 14th 2018, 10:27 pm
By: Brian Dorman

The Driller's say two women jumped over a fence got inside ONEOK Field, took a couple TV's and caused a lot of damage.

Mark Hillard has been with Tulsa's minor league baseball team for 24 years. He's seen a lot over the years but only a few as senseless as what happened on May 23rd when two women broke in, the entire event captured on one of the parks 24 security cameras.

"It is a little frustrating I mean, you try to have a nice family friendly venue and provide a nice service to people," said Hillard. "The alcohol is stored in here so we have these nice bars on here so there's no way those are going to come out so they weren't able to get into that. Pretty much they got some sodas, red bull just more damage to the equipment than anything else.

The women who police believe are both in their 20's broke locks, handles on storage bins, and liquor cabinets and got away with a couple TVs.

We caught up with Drillers fan Jeff Slattery buying tickets for tonight's game he says he loves coming out to ONEOK Field.

"This park when they built it ends up being a fantastic park really good for the fans and it's just real enjoyable to go to the games," said Slattery.               

But the damage like this is also frustrating to fans as well.

"They can't find better ways of getting money than stealing other people's property? I think that's a really sad comment on our society."

Police and park managers want your eyes to also be on the lookout for these ladies.

"We're gonna prosecute if we find them and get the chance to do so," said Hillard

If you know anything about what happened you're asked to call Crimestoppers there's a reward up to $1,500.