Strike Looming As BS&B Workers Enter 15th Day Of Demonstration

Wednesday, June 13th 2018, 9:34 pm
By: Brian Dorman

More than 100 workers gathered this evening outside of Tulsa's BS&B to show the United Steelworker Union is standing strong together.

The demonstrations began Friday and have now continued into their 14th day. The workers at BS&B, a plant that makes high-pressure safety valves, have been working without a formal contract since December.

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Union members from all across the state of Oklahoma gathered together to make their voices heard. Total, 130 people stood in a line on the front lawn of BS&B demanding a fair contract.

"We've enlisted our brothers and sisters from other unions in OK and asked them to come out in a show of solidarity and they answered the call,” said Michael Stroup, President of Local 4992.

Meanwhile, calls by News On 6 have gone unanswered for a week as we try to get anyone with BS&B to talk to about the workers' concerns over benefits, overtime, and a contract.

"What we want to do is sit down with the company and try to resolve this we haven't sat down since December and that's unacceptable,” said Stroup.

Chad Vincent is a staff rep for the United Steelworkers and when he heard what was going on at BS&B and loaded up a bus with people from all over.

"Pryor OK, as far our as Enid, Guthrie and everywhere in between. These guys work hard and they do a good job for the company they deserve a fair and equitable contract,” said Vincent.

Still, no answers as workers at BS&B plan on demonstrating for a 15th day tomorrow. While they hope to work something out peacefully they say each day they're getting closer to going on strike.