Early Morning Storms Cause Damage In Northeast Oklahoma

Tuesday, June 12th 2018, 1:08 pm
By: Joseph Holloway, Dave Davis

As Green Country prepares for the possibility of more storms, some people are still picking up in their neighborhoods after Tuesday morning's storms.

Some businesses and neighborhoods in Bartlesville felt the impact of those storms, which did a number on a neighborhood near Bartlesville High School where trees were knocked down and even light poles tipped over.

"I went outside and he got out of his car and saw this tree here completely collapsed from the root system on over the road," Bartlesville resident Ron Walton said.

OnCue near Adams and Cherokee saw extensive damage to its awning. Crews spent much of the morning cleaning it up.

Around the corner, a tree on College View Drive was uprooted and blocked a dead-end street.

Several neighbors had to wait for Bartlesville street crews to clean up the damage before they could go anywhere.

"I'm supposed to head to work in Bartlesville. I might get there today. And he's supposed to head to Tulsa and we've got another neighbor trying to get to Texas but, you know, these things happen," neighbor Laura Walton said.

A couple of homes also suffered roof damage.

There was also a lot of tree damage about 20 miles north in Wann. State Highway 10 was blocked because of a large tree in the road.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said several power poles and lines are also down around town, but everyone there has power.

Power has largely been restored in Chelsea in Rogers County after early morning storms rolled through.

There were several downed trees and limbs, one of them blocked a city street.

At one time, about 600 residents didn't have power.

One person said a tree just missed falling on her trailer.

"I heard another sound, like part of my trailer was buckling or something, and then I heard the tree starting to crack and I was hoping it wasn't going to fall on my trailer. Instead, it fell across Beech Place to the neighbor's, on their car," Chelsea resident Nina Brown said.

Police said there are no reports of any injuries.

In Tulsa, a mother said she and her four- and six-year-old children got out of their house right after they said lightning hit it and started a fire in the attic near 41st Street and 193 East Avenue.

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