Thunderstorms Moving Into Eastern Oklahoma

Thursday, June 7th 2018, 4:06 am
By: Alan Crone

Severe storms are moving into eastern Oklahoma Thursday morning.   

Based on observational data, this complex should eventually sag southeast and clip part of northern Oklahoma this morning even with the slowly strengthening mid-level ridge attempting to build northward this morning across northwest Texas into southwest Oklahoma.   

We’ll need to watch for severe weather including the potential for damaging winds and hail if this complex takes the turn and doesn’t weaken while sliding closer to the ridge.  Later this afternoon and evening any residual outflows near the area could fire up a storm or two but the odds will continue to be rather low.  Another area of organized storms may fire across the western part of Oklahoma but would have little chance of moving into our area. 

Temps will be a degree or two under yesterday’s high of 93 but humidity values would keep the index in the upper 90s today. 

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Basically, the mid-level ridge will expand and should keep us warm and muggy for the weekend with morning lows in the 70s and highs around 93 to 95 with our heat index values around 100 to 104.  The strength of this ridge is slightly stronger and more northward in some data and weaker in others.  GFS data continue to offer a few storm chances into the weekend with the EURO spreading the ridge.   

Even though we are well ahead of schedule temperature wise for June, this ridge is not the typical death ridge we see in July and early August.   At least not yet.   If we were a little dryer regarding our vegetation across eastern Oklahoma, our highs would continue to climb this weekend.  But the additional moisture into the boundary layer from evapo-transpiration will keep our highs slightly in check even though the index values will climb a few degrees. Weather Apps

Thanks for reading the Thursday morning weather discussion and blog.   It may be a now cast type morning, so remain aware of your weather surroundings.