'We Got Him.' Family Says Missing Veteran Located In OKC

Monday, May 28th 2018, 1:40 pm
By: Emory Bryan

After a weekend of worry, an Owasso family says their son - an Army veteran that was in distress and missing - was found in Oklahoma City at a truck stop.

Thomas Coady, 31, was on a bus headed for Tulsa when his mom, Cheryl Briscoe, said he started having a mental crisis.

"He's having a PTSD breakdown. And he said that when he was coherent enough to tell me that, he said, ‘Mom, call EMS because I need them,’" Briscoe said.

That was Saturday night. And in the time since, Coady's mom has been worrying and calling, hoping for news. She set up social media pages that were shared thousands of times.

“My niece on the east coast was calling hospitals this morning. This has been a family team effort,” said Briscoe.

That's what led to the discovery he at least made it to Oklahoma City where he was treated then released at OU Medical Center sometime Sunday.

Briscoe said, “And he ended up in the emergency room, so he knew he was in trouble.”

But, after that, the trail ran cold. He wasn't answering his phone.

"And he never made it to Tulsa,” Briscoe said. “I'm thinking we need to get him home and in treatment."

Coady's mom said after combat in several countries, her son struggled. She's hopeful he can turn a corner.

"I don't care what set it off, or what we have to deal with, I just want him home so we can deal with it," said Briscoe.

The last confirmed sighting before being located was at OU Medical Center on Sunday. His family went to Oklahoma City to look for him and found him Monday evening.