Man Accused Of Kidnapping, Assault By Ex, But Recording Shows Her Claims Were False

Monday, May 21st 2018, 5:25 pm
By: News On 6

A man wrongfully arrested for rape has been accused of another sex crime, this time by his ex-girlfriend.

Daniel Stegeman was cleared of that crime too.  Now, he’s turning the tables on his ex.

Police arrest Stegeman for rape in 2016, after two women picked him out of a photo lineup.

DNA later cleared him.

In a bad case of deja vu, Stegeman says his ex-girlfriend tried to get him thrown in jail just last month for the same thing.

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Stegeman says he and his ex started seeing each other again after a fight in January.

“Trying to get things worked out for our family, you know?  Because we do have a daughter together,” he said.

Things took a turn about a month ago.  Stegeman says the two met up and got a room.

He says, “I got a call about a week after that, and I was under investigation for assault and kidnapping.”

Stegeman says his ex reported him to Sand Springs police.

“If somebody does that, and there’s no way to prove you didn’t, you’re looking at 20 to 30 years in prison,” said Stegeman.

Captain Todd Enzbrenner says the woman told a detective that Stegeman took her to a motel and, although she didn’t describe the sex as forced, she said it was unwanted.

What she didn’t know was that Stegeman had recorded the entire thing.

“It was a great thing that he did, because otherwise it would have been a he-said, she-said deal,” stated Enzbrenner.  “It did not happen the way she claimed it did happen.  It was purely consensual.”

“I just had a feeling.  Something inside me just said, ‘just record it.  Just record it,’” said Stegeman.  “Ultimately, it’s what saved my freedom.”

Now, police are taking action against Stegeman’s ex.  The district attorney’s office is reviewing for possible criminal charges.

“You can’t do that to people and think that it’s ok and then just go home and go to bed for the night,” declared Stegeman.

Stegeman says all he wants from his ex now is a relationship with his daughter.