Sulfuric Acid Spill Affects Broken Arrow Businesses

Friday, May 18th 2018, 8:39 am
By: Joseph Holloway

An industrial area near 61st and Aspen is open again after a chemical spill forced first responders to close some streets for several hours Friday. 

Broken Arrow firefighters said a beaker of sulfuric acid fell from a hot plate, sending acidic fumes into the air.

Broken Arrow’s assistant fire chief said the nine employees at Element Materials rushed out of the building and they are doing well.

Kathleen Cobleigh was staying at a hotel close to the building. She heard a lot of sirens and came out to see what was going on.

"It was interesting, you know, to say the least when you're here and nothing's really happening but luckily, no one's hurt and that's the best thing," said Cobleigh. 

The area around the building was shut down for a few hours. 

Sheryl Myerley's job is near the plant. She waited for first responders to give her the all clear before going in for work.

Reporter Joseph Holloway: “Is this something you've seen over here before?”
“No, never, and I’ve been working here for about 30 years," said Sheryl Myerly who works nearby.

Will Armstead works at a real estate office across the street and kept close tabs on the scene most of the day.

He was concerned about how it would affect their bottom line.

"Someone could come to us today, come to the building and talk to us but obviously, this hinders us a lot. They can't get in, we lose a meeting, maybe a potential client," he said. 

Hazmat crews said the acid had already evaporated so they ventilated the building before letting workers back in.