Family Of Tulsa Amber Alert Suspect Speaks Out

Thursday, May 17th 2018, 10:32 pm
By: Brian Dorman

The family of the woman who police say tried to kill two of her children is speaking out.

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Police say Taheerah Ahmad admitted to tying up two of her children with duct tape, stabbing her child up to 70-times and setting her house on fire.

The little girl is still in critical condition. An aunt told News On 6 that Taheerah was excited to go to her son's graduation and has been talking about it for weeks.

"Well, like everybody says, I think she snapped." Said Ahmad’s Aunt Barbara Alsharif. "Before this, I would say she's a good person, she's a good mother, she's got problems. She doesn't have any help, any money."

Barbara recalls seeing Ahmad’s daughter clinging to life after being stabbed 50 times.

"I saw her on the floor on her back with her one arm stretched out above her head and the other one by her side."

The 10-year-old was rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery where she is still fighting to survive. The other two children are in protective custody.

According to the family, the trouble began Saturday. Ahmad has recently reconnected with her son and was supposed to go to his graduation.

But for some reason she didn't go, sending her into a rage, that's when family members say shot and killed her family's dog.

"I didn't find out until later that the dog had been shot and killed. I don't even want to say she was a good person. I want to say she needs a fair trial”

The family says they are now left trying to process the unthinkable as they wait for what's next.

The family tells me they haven't been able to talk to Taheerah but when they do they want to reassure her that they love her very much and will stand by her side during the court process.