Family Continues Search For Missing Welch Girls

Friday, May 11th 2018, 6:26 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

The man accused of killing four people in the town of Welch in 1999 was back in court Friday.

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Ronnie Busick is the only living suspect in the years-long investigation, charged with the murders of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, along with Freeman's parents.

Busick was only in court for about 10 minutes, but it was important for Lauria Bible's family to be there and see him face-to-face once again.

While Busick did not say anything out loud for everyone to hear, he spoke with his attorneys who were huddled around him in court. 

Lauria Bible's family watched closely. 

"He still could see us out of his left eye," said Lauria’s mother Lorene. 

"I just want him to know I'm sitting here. I'm watching you. Every day you're here, I'm gonna be here," said Lorene. 

When Lorene and her cousin Lisa aren't keeping up with what happens next with Busick in court, they're out searching for clues on where the girls might be. 

Several people in Busick's arrest affidavit mention they may be in a mine shaft in the town of Picher. 

Recently, Lorene and Lisa went there to see a man they've connected with who they said is an expert on the town.

"He knows everything," Lorene said. 

They spent seven hours with him. 

"We went to places that had already caved in that were just like big lagoons, big pits, water pits," Lorene said. 

"Though it gives us a direction to go, we don't know where she is. We don't know where Ashley is. And until we know, this is not gonna be over," said Luria’s cousin Lisa Brodrick. 

Lorene said the man is in touch with the OSBI and isn't sure at this point what's going to happen next. 

"They've been looking for somebody that's been knowledgeable. They hear a lot of talk: 'we'll I've lived in Picher all my life.' But to know the wells, and the chat piles and all that stuff, this guy does," Lorene said.  

And while they wait to learn more, they'll keep coming back to see Busick in court. 

"We're waiting for him to talk. And if we're making him uncomfortable, than we've done what we came to do today," Lisa said. 

Busick's attorneys declined to comment on the case Friday.

Busick's next court date is scheduled for July 13th.