Family Mourns Loss Of Pregnant Woman Killed In DUI Crash

Thursday, May 10th 2018, 9:18 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Family and friends gather to remember a young pregnant woman hit and killed early Sunday morning in Tulsa by a suspected drunk driver.

That young woman is 24-year-old Areale Louie an aspiring veterinarian. Police say she was hit and killed by a 25-year-old woman near Tisdale Parkway and Apache Street Sunday night.

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Flowers mark the spot where the deadly accident happened. Police say this woman Gabrielle Dennis was drinking and driving ran a stop sign and hit Areale and her baby died at the scene. Areale’s mother Rameissa says the news came out of nowhere

"I get a knock on the door by two police officers telling me that my daughter had been in an accident. She was hit by a drunk driver and she didn't make it. My grandchild's life is gone, my child's life is gone."

Sonograms initially showed Areale was having a baby girl in September already named, Namari, but it was discovered after the crash it was actually a baby boy.

"I don't have the opportunity to watch my grandbaby make her first step, his first step, you know, I'm still trying to grasp it's a boy,” said Rameissa. Areale’s mother and sister Jaylyn other family and friends gathered Thursday to honor her. They say even despite their pain two days before the funeral and three before Mother's Day they want Gabrielle Dennis to know they're thinking of her, too.

"I hurt, but my heart says forgive this young lady," said Rameissa.

"We're trying to forgive her in our hearts, you know. I just wish she would have made a better decision," said Jaylyn.

Police say Dennis was driving on a suspended license though have not stated what led to the suspension. She has bonded out of jail.