1 Dead, 2 In Custody Following Tulsa Officer-Involved Shooting

Monday, May 7th 2018, 1:40 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa Police shot and killed a man they say pulled a gun on them as they were about to question him.

Monday, May 07, 2018, gang unit officers were patrolling an area near 41st and Memorial when they saw three men sitting in an SUV outside the Extended Stay Inn & Suites.

Police said they were approaching the vehicle from the driver’s side to ask them some questions when they discovered one of the men was holding a handgun.

Both officers fired multiple rounds into the car and hit the passenger.

"As they approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, they noticed that the front seat passenger had a gun in his hand, at that time, officers fired at the individual. They backed off and the driver, and the back seat passenger, both fled vehicle," Officer Jeanne MacKenzie said.

Police caught the driver and the other passenger returned on his own.

Detectives blocked off 41st Street and looked for evidence around the SUV. They spent the afternoon documenting the scene and said the shooting was likely captured from three cameras – two body cameras on the officers and another on the dash of their car.

Police said at least one of the men had warrants, but officers were approaching them for what they called a “consensual conversation” when the shooting happened.

“I know some had warrants in the vehicle. I don’t know if they were getting ready, they knew they were getting ready to go to jail as soon as their records returns came back, or what the case may be, but, for some reason, they felt necessary to up the ante,” Captain Rick Helberg said.

MacKenzie said, “So, they were just going up there to have a conversation with these individuals when the one in the front seat pulled a gun.”

The two other men in the car were taken in for questioning. They said those men did not have weapons on them when police made contact.

Police have not released any names.