Catoosa's Blue Whale Gets Security Update After Vandalism

Thursday, April 26th 2018, 11:18 pm
By: Justin Shrair

New security measures are in the works at Catoosa's historic Blue Whale after someone vandalized the Route 66 icon.

Police are still trying to find who's behind it. 

Thousands of people flock to this iconic destination and a volunteer said this is the worst vandalism she's seen and she's hoping it's the last.
Volunteer Linda Hobbs remembers the phone call she got earlier this week saying someone vandalized the beloved Blue Whale Park. 

"Had pulled picnic tables out of the pond, the trash some of it was in the parking lot some of it was still in the water," said Hobbs.  

Hobbs said trash cans were also put up on the gift shop roof and that someone had tried to kick in the door. 

"I mean really why would you do that? That’s what I think, why would you do that," asked Hobbs.  

A tough site to see, for an attraction that’s there to make others smile. The whale was built by a man who originally gave it to his wife as an anniversary present. 

"You hear some women say ‘I would rather have diamonds’ and others say ‘no I want a whale’," said Hobbs.  

People from around the world flock to the site to laugh, smile and take pictures. 

"You make friends every day, they're amazing, I love them all. I have not met one cranky tourist from anywhere around the world," said Hobbs.  

When News On 6 there, we bumped into a group of tourists from Australia and a couple from England. 

"It's brilliant. So far, we've had an experience that we didn't think we were gonna get," said Tourist Philip Oakes. 

In the meantime, the Blue Whale will be getting a high tech makeover with cameras, along with neighbors who are keeping an extra eye out and Catoosa Police who said they're stepping up patrols. 

Catoosa Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.