Deputy Describes Arrests Of Rogers County Burglary Suspects

Wednesday, April 25th 2018, 9:54 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A traffic stop earlier this month led to the arrest of two burglary suspects in Rogers County.

The two suspects, Dimitry Kopytin and Miranda Lynne Ree, were arrested on a number of felony offenses, including possession of stolen firearms, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools, as well as outstanding warrants.

They were stopped for a very basic mistake - no headlights.

“A simple ‘no headlights’ turned into seven stolen guns and two felons in possession of firearms.  Bad people doing bad things and we were able to get them off the streets that night,” said Rogers County Reserve Deputy Trenton Morris. 

“Both occupants were very, very nervous, focusing on the driver’s side where they thought I was going to approach.”

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Morris says he saw unusual stuff inside the car and, when he pulled Kopytin and Ree out, found even more.

“We found seven guns, a cut open safe.  I made contact with our on-duty investigator,” state Morris.

Morris, who is one of 30 Rogers County reserve deputies, says he also found gloves, pry bars, masks, and bulky jackets.

He even discovered Ree had outstanding felony warrants and the couple were suspects in a burglary.

“Man, it’s always good to get guns off the street, you know.  It keeps my family and your family safer,” said Morris.

In the meantime, Major Coy Jenkins says it’s the work of reserve deputies like Morris that can make all the difference in their community.

Jenkins says, “they would be the one that you would step over there and they would come running to help you.  They’re very dedicated people.”

Both Kopytin and Ree are still in the jail.

The stolen property was returned to its owner.

Another interesting fact, Reserve Deputy Morris is also the 2017 recipient of Reserve Deputy of the Year.