Green Country Dad Dreams Big For Daughter's Prom Date

Thursday, April 19th 2018, 10:57 pm
By: Brian Dorman

UPDATE: We have learned a young man from Broken Arrow High School pulled Effie out of class Friday to ask her to prom!!

A Coweta dad is trying to get the attention of A-List celebrities in hopes of finding his daughter a prom date.

It's a prom-posal making the rounds online with people saying the teen really deserves it.

The teen’s dad created a post on Facebook and one of his friends reached out to News On 6 asking for help.

He's trying to get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or a Kansas City Chief’s Football player to create a special memory for his daughter, a Broken Arrow Senior that, so far, has no one to go to prom with.

"It kinda started out as a running joke that like I'm going to be the only girl alone at prom," said Effie Tripp. 

But to Effie's dad, Doug, it's not a joke. He said he wants to do something over the top to show his daughter how much she means to him, even if the task is nearly impossible. 

“I have a hard time just paying bills let alone getting to do something special for her. She has … a hard life and gets bullied in school all the time," Doug said. 

"People are just terrible sometimes. You never know what's going on in their life, why they're mean," Effie said.

Effie said she missed out on having a mom, last seeing her when she was 3. She's been picked on for the way she talks and dresses and over the years has struggled with anorexia and self-harm. Through it all, her dad's been the rock by her side. 

"He's great. It's just been like him and I since I was 3 years old, he's raised me by myself ever since then and he's done a pretty good job," Effie said.  

No one believes in Effie more than her dad, which is why when he found out she had no one to go to prom with, he logged on to his computer and went right to the stars. 

"I want to try to do one special thing for her and will like to ask you if you will help make her dream happen and go to prom with her at Broken Arrow Oklahoma High School prom," Doug said. 

He hit send and that's where this story began.

News On 6 has alerted the Kansas City Chiefs. They said now that they're aware of the request, they will get back with us once they talk it over. 

We also reached out to the Dwayne Johnson's publicist and are waiting to hear back.