Broken Arrow Schools Making Up Time Lost To Teacher Walkout

Monday, April 16th 2018, 7:21 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Broken Arrow students and teachers were back in class Monday after two weeks out of school, but they'll have to make up the time lost from the walkout.

To make up the time, district leaders said they are going to have longer days. The district said school days will start 15 minutes earlier and will end 15 minutes later.

Bus routes will run 15 minutes earlier to match the new times.

Broken Arrow school leaders also said the last day of school is now set for May 30th.

The district is also getting rid of "late start Wednesday." So, now, every day of the week, students will have to be at school at the time time.

BAPS leaders said they started working on the schedule before the walkout and they talked with families who were worried about school interfering with summer plans.

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"We had heard from our parents and our community that we really don't want to be in school in June because of vacations. We have some seniors that are deploying to the military for basic training on June 3rd, so we really wanted to keep in in May," said Charlie Hannema, with BAPS.

District leaders said they still plan to send teachers to the Capitol to meet with lawmakers.