Mounds Teacher Investigated For Alleged Inappropriate Contact With Student

Tuesday, April 10th 2018, 3:39 pm
By: Amy Avery

A Mounds High School coach is under investigation for allegedly having inappropriate contact with a student.

The school superintendent reported the information to police on March 29, 2018.  On March 30, the Mounds Police Department requested that the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation investigate the allegations.

Mounds Police Chief Antonio Porter says, "as we got into the investigation, I thought it was really smart to get some good backup, so that's when I contacted OSBI."

"I like didn't know what to think," said Mounds resident Rusty Dickson.  "I didn't believe it at first and then more and more people started coming out."

No arrests have been made yet, but Porter ensures agents will conduct a thorough investigation.

Authorities say the female student involved is 18, but because she is under the age of 20 and the coach is an employee of the school system, state law says he could still face criminal charges.

"If you're still a student at the school, they have guidelines that they need to follow by," stated Porter.  "The teachers have to abide by as well."

Porter says the district is acting accordingly in this investigation.

"I'm sure that the superintendent is doing what he needs to do, with how he's been advised through his board and through the state and whoever else that may have been involved," said Porter.

The OSBI says they are in the interview stage right now and will get a report to the Creek County District Attorney's Office as soon as it's completed.