Rallies In Tulsa Supporting Teacher Walkout

Monday, April 9th 2018, 7:23 pm
By: Emory Bryan

While teachers and students by the thousands pack the Capitol, there are plenty of people making their voices heard right here at home.

Teachers remain firm in their resolve that the walkout continue until the funding comes through.  They’re getting daily doses of support.

Every car horn and friendly wave gives the teachers and students lining the sidewalks some assurance the public supports more funding for education.

For long-time teachers, the protest reminds them of the one in 1990, which they thought would never need to be repeated.

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Patty Jorgenson, a teacher at Carver Middle School, says, “no, we thought we had this accomplished back then.”

Jorgenson and Jo Lynn Carbbe are both lifelong teachers and experienced protestors over education funding.

“My former students who are now teachers, one is leading a walk today, another is on the capitol grounds,” said Carbbe.  “You know, I’m so proud of them.”

Rallies on street corners across Oklahoma reflecting the larger protest at the Capitol.

More than a half million children out of school for the walkout, and some are out along sidewalks in support of the teachers.

Carver student Nakenna Harvin says, “they work as late as we do, as far as my homework.  They don’t have everything they need to give us an education.”

“My teachers, they try, they help us do things, even though we don’t have the supplies we need,” said Booker T student Maleah Harvin.

For parents like Alex Guss, it’s the combination of schools short on supplies and without enough teachers to make classes smaller.

“Out here to spread the word that schools need funding,” stated Guss.  “My daughter’s classroom in middle school has as many as 40 in a room that’s not large, so no matter how many adults you stick in there, it’s a crowded, difficult place to learn.”

With schools out again tomorrow, these scattered, smaller rallies are expected to continue in Tulsa and statewide.