Sperry Parent Worried For Senior Daughter As Walkout Continues

Friday, April 6th 2018, 7:20 pm
By: News On 6

Thousands of teachers were at the Capitol Friday, lobbying for better school funding.

With those teachers gone, schools across Green Country remained closed.

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A Green Country mom is upset because she said the school shutdown is jeopardizing her senior daughter's future.

Renee Barber said she and her family fully support teachers but she'd like to see some of that support returned to her daughter who she said could lose out on scholarship opportunities if the walkout continues.

There was barely a soul in sight at Sperry schools, as the statewide teacher walkout rages on.

Barber is growing more and more frustrated.

"All week I've called, no answers. I finally got someone to answer in administration, and they just told me, I'm sorry, but we cannot print it off," said Barber. 

Barber said all she needs is an original transcript for her senior daughter's scholarship and school applications.

"There's nobody at the administrative offices that will print that [and] give it to me," Barber said. 

What's even worse, she said, is that all sporting events have been given the green light.

"They're not there for the students who have been there for 11 years. This is their last year. But they're there for the students who are in sports," she said, "If you're down there marching for the classrooms, then shut it all down."

Barber said she supports teacher pay raises and the fight for better education funding and her daughter does, too.

"They've come all this way with these teachers. They've been through this battle with these teachers, have walked this long walk," she said. 

But she doesn't want to see her daughter's future jeopardized.

"They want us to go the whole mile and support them. But for the seniors, there's no one there going the whole mile for them," Barber said. 

News On 6 reached out to Sperry Public Schools for a comment but did not hear back.