Bartlesville Schools To Continue Walkout Monday

Friday, April 6th 2018, 7:01 pm

The statewide teacher walkout movement started in Bartlesville, a school district that has been closed all week.

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On Friday, the school board decided to table its vote on canceling classes next week, having already given the superintendent permission to walk out for 10 days. 

164 teachers came forward saying they won't be in school Monday.
Since the district doesn't have enough subs to cover them, the superintendent announced school will be closed Monday.

Some community members said to stay closed for as long as it takes.

"I support that 100% if it's three weeks just as long. I'm backing everybody as long as it takes to get it done - the funding," said Parent Andrea Jones 

Jones brought her two children to the meeting, wanting them to be part of the experience, an especially important evening for her daughter. 

"She is wanting to support her teacher the best she can. We found out she was at the state [Capitol] and she was excited for her, just wanting to support them continually so, however long it takes," said Jones. 

Every person we talked with supports extending the walkout.

Kelli Bryant teaches 3rd grade and hasn't missed a day of demonstrations at the Capitol. 

"I've been there every day - every day since Monday," Bryant said, "because it's about our kids and that's why we went into education."

Kelli said she knows it's a hardship for some families to continue the walkout but she wants to see this through. 

"We need to do what we have to do to get that funding for education. I know it's very difficult because it's a state testing window but again it's we want to get the education for our kids," she said. 

Hardship or not, parents like Andrea said they'll stand by them every step of the way. 

"Need to be there for these kids and obviously for my kids and for our future," Andrea said. 

So again, no school Monday in Bartlesville. 

If this walkout goes beyond next week, another school board meeting will be held to discuss if the walkout should go into a 3rd week.