Upcoming Bills Won't Cut It, Say Tulsa Teachers

Thursday, April 5th 2018, 10:15 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

Is an end in sight for the teacher walkout?

Friday morning, the Senate will take up 2 bills that could add more than $40 million to education funding. 

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The state's largest teacher’s union said passing the two bills is a chance to help turn the tide. 

Some teachers, who are continuing to rally in Tulsa, said this historic shutdown isn't over even if the bills pass.

Dozens of parents, teachers, and students lined the sidewalks along 41st and Yale.

"As we hear people honking, we do feel like the public is putting pressure on our Representatives and our Senators are seemingly starting to step up," said First-Year Emergency Certified Teacher Emily Carpenter. 

Many were coming back after rallying at the Capitol.

"It's not just about securing the funding now, but making sure that we have continuing funding,” she said. 

Carpenter and others said the two bills the Senate will talk about Friday won't cut it. 

The so-called “Amazon Bill” would tax third-party online sales, generating an estimated $20 million. 

The bill that would allow ball and dice games in casinos could generate about $22 million. 

While the Oklahoma Education Association said it's exactly what teachers have been asking for, these protestors say lawmakers can do better.

"This is not about us. This about our students, it's about the future of Oklahoma,” Carpenter said.