Teachers Swarm Capitol For Day 2 Of Walkout

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018, 5:30 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Teachers say their goal on Tuesday was to fill the inside of the Capitol to make sure lawmakers can hear them.

As teachers packed the building, it was impossible not to hear the chanting.

“It’s electric!” exclaimed one elementary school teacher.

Away from the rotunda, teachers listened closely to House members, cheering on Representative Scott Inman after he said, “Mr. Speaker you keep cutting off my microphone.  You can silence me, but you won’t silence them.”

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As the special session wrapped up, teachers went straight to lawmakers’ doors.

“I teach 4-year-olds,” said Stillwater Pre-k teacher Susan Weaver.  “With 4-year-olds, we’re all about making connections and building relationships.”

Weaver made invitations for every lawmaker to come to her classroom.  She says Representative Cory Williams will be RSVPing.

“He said, ‘I’ll get with my secretary and I’ll be there,” stated Weaver.

Many teachers will be returning to the Capitol on Wednesday for day 3 of the walkout.

Wednesday’s return means another day away from the classroom and, for many, more time on the road.

First grade teacher Lacy Moss-Graalfs is making the 2.5 hour trip from Hulbert each day.

“We’re going back tonight, and we’ll be back in the morning,” said Moss-Graalfs.  “I would walk on hot coals for my kids.  Whatever it takes because they’re our future and, if we don’t do things for them, who’s gonna do it?”

The House will go into regular session at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday.

The Oklahoma Education Association says things will kick off Wednesday morning at 10:30 outside the Capitol and teachers will be strongly encouraged to spend time inside the Capitol again.