Tulsa Public School Teachers Headed Back To State Capitol

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018, 6:35 am

Up to 180 Tulsa Public Schools teachers headed back to the state Capitol Tuesday.

Those teachers gathered at Memorial, Booker T. and Hale High Schools before heading off to Oklahoma City. Organizers tell News On 6, between 40 to 60 people signed up to ride buses at each school location.

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On Monday, many teachers drove themselves to OKC.

We've heard TPS Superintendent Dr. Deborah Gist will not be going to Oklahoma City because she is preparing for a march to the state Capitol.

The Tulsa teachers, like others across the state, say the Governor and lawmakers have not adequately address funding. That results in larger class sizes and fewer support staff.

"I'll just stock up and get a bunch of things to have in my classroom, so if a kid doesn't have paper or a pencil or something like that, they don't have to say, 'Well, I don't have it,' I'll just give it to them," East Central Junior High teacher Kelli Roberts said.

Anderson Elementary teacher Juanita Marse said, "I have a classroom right now of 11 autistic children, and they're wonderful kids, you know, but the monies that I need for the classroom come out of my pocket."

The teachers said they'll keep going back if they don't see action by legislators.