Green Country Woman Thankful For Good Samaritans After Peeping Tom Incident

Friday, March 23rd 2018, 6:32 pm
By: News On 6

A shopping trip to Broken Arrow ended in an arrest.

A woman feels violated after a guy took a picture up her skirt.

Sheila was shopping in Walmart Thursday after work when a woman said, “miss, that man just took a picture up your skirt.” 

Sheila jumped into action. She followed the man, notified a store employee, and called 911.

She said he ran into the bathroom when she tried to confront him

"I got in front of him and put my hand on his shirt and said, stop. He said, I don't have the picture anymore, I’m sorry and I said, it's too bad, you're not going anywhere," Sheila said. 

She said he pushed her aside and went to the parking lot, but, good Samaritans followed him, shot video of him, and got his tag number.
Sheila is very grateful to all those who helped her and believes they are true heroes.

"Very touched by the way that they all came together," Sheila said. 

All that information led officers to James Bobbitt, who officers booked into jail for felony peeping tom using an electronic device.
Police said Bobbitt told them he was lonely with his wife out of town and had already deleted the picture and told the lady he was sorry.
Police said Bobbitt said he went home and changed clothes because he was ashamed.

"He did not show any remorse to me when he said he was sorry. There was no remorse in his eyes at all. It was quite unnerving how calm he was," Sheila said. 

Sheila's message to all women is to be on alert and pay attention to people around you, even if they don't seem suspicious.

Sheila can't say enough kind things about the good Samaritans and store employees, but her focus now is making sure this man doesn't do this to anyone ever again.