Tulsa Family's Home Surveillance Leads To Suspicions About Burglar

Friday, October 27th 2017, 6:52 pm

The suspect in Wednesday's armed robbery at Hungry Howie's pizza may have been spotted.

Based on surveillance video from a home burglary, one Tulsa family believes the same suspect could be connected to both crimes.

When police compare crimes and surveillance video, they look for what's unusual.

In this case, a homeowner noticed the unusual tattoo from two different crimes.

Aaron Dickson and his father Steve have cameras around their home, and they're glad they do.

It was the only way they realized what happened a few weeks ago.

“We were asleep at the time and didn't realize what happened until 8 in the morning and came out, the car doors were open, the garage door was open, and everything had just been ransacked,” said Aaron. 

A burglar opened a car door outside and used the garage door opener to get inside.

He didn't go in the house but took things from the cars and garage.

“We lost a chainsaw and a gas can for some odd reason,” said Aaron. 

They figured the burglar was long gone until Wednesday and the armed robbery at Hungry Howie’s Pizza Restaurant.

The robber, in that case, had an unusual and large black tattoo on his right wrist.

The burglar in the garage had a very similar but unusual tattoo on his left forearm.

“He was sporting a black tattoo, a large black tattoo on his left forearm,” said Aaron. 

Though this family believes it's the same man, the police aren't sure.
They do believe however the unusual tattoo from either case is something someone could recognize.

The Dickson’s only lost a few things, along with their usual sense of security from a casual burglar that went through their garage.

“Kind of strolling up right to the garage door and he spent four minutes in there, he looked up to the attic, he had a flashlight, he took his time perusing in there,” said Aaron. 

The police said that home surveillance is great when it comes to identifying criminals, but it works only if someone who thinks they know the suspect acts on the hunch and calls in the tip.