Facebook Posts About Human Trafficking Ring In Tulsa False, Police Say

Tuesday, October 24th 2017, 9:34 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Several posts about a human trafficking ring in Tulsa are making rounds on Facebook, but Tulsa Police say the rumors are untrue. 

One of those posts got more than 2,500 shares on Facebook.

Police say while there is not A trafficking ring, it’s always good for parents to be aware.

We're not showing the Sergeant we spoke with due to the dangerous nature of his job. 

"I've received several phone calls over the last two days about this issue and even some from police officers wondering if there's any validity,” Sgt. Todd Evans of the Tulsa Police Vice Unit.

That issue has to do with multiple Facebook posts referencing an active human trafficking ring targeting the Tulsa area.

One of the posts even says police confirmed it. Police say this is untrue.

"We have not found that to be the case in any of the cases that have been reported thus far, and we don't believe there to be any validity to this case either,” said Evans.

Some of the posts also talk about people approaching children, asking them to get into their vehicles. While this may have happened, Sgt. Todd Evans says it doesn't amount to child sex trafficking.

"There's a lot of awareness,” he said. “There's a lot of symphony for victims, and I think sometimes people just get carried away and they may see it everywhere."

There was even a post about a South Tulsa "holding house." This is also false according to Evans. But He does say that parents should always be aware of what their children are doing.

"Know where they are at,” he said. “Know who they are talking to, whether it’s in person or whether it’s on the internet.”

Evans says Police appreciate that the community cares but instead of only posting to social media, call law enforcement right away.

"Tulsa Police Department's very good at enforcement on this issue and putting people in prison on this issue,” he said.

We reached out to some of the people who posted the warnings. One person contacted us and reiterated the claims that police tell us are untrue.