Tulsans Protest Police Brutality

Sunday, October 22nd 2017, 9:45 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa, along with dozens of other cities across the country, participated in the 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police brutality.

About 100 people filled the plaza outside the Tulsa County Court House Sunday.

The people said the power to make change lies with the people.
It's a conversation that's not new to folks around Tulsa. 

Especially not for Reverend Joey Crutcher. 

His family, for the last couple of years, has been at the center of it.

“I'm here today of course because my son Terence was killed for no apparent reason," said Crutcher 

For this year's National Day to stop police brutality, he's standing by his family and the community to call for a stop to it all.

“So, we stand against police brutality and incompetent police. I stated that … we need the police support; they put their lives on the line every day for our protection, but we need to weed out the bad apples," Crutcher said. 

He said the way to do that is start with the people in power like the police chief, mayor and city council. 

He said training needs to change and there needs to be more community policing.

“I believe everyone needs to make themselves a committee of one and the old saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you," Crutcher said. 

For the people here, that's an idea that doesn't seem too hard to reach. 

Especially if people of all backgrounds stand together.

“Until we get a critical mass of people standing, hundreds of people standing every day, that's not gonna change the culture. This is something that has to be done at the polls [and] at the town council meetings," said protester Xavier Doolittle.

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