Arabian Horse Show Kicks Off In Tulsa

Saturday, October 21st 2017, 6:33 pm

The 51st Annual U.S. Nationals Arabian and Half Arabian Championship Horse Show is here with hundreds of horses, along with their owners and trainers.

The event is back-to-back with the Tulsa State Fair, which means a quick change of scenery to get ready for the horses. 

Every year, the River Spirit Expo transforms from the Tulsa State Fair with hundreds of vendors packed inside to a wide-open space for the horses. 

The horses are warming up for their competitions on 650 truckloads of dirt hauled into the expo.

The changes come just days after the fair. 

Mikayla Boge with the Arabian Horse Association said it's always a smooth transition. 

"They do a fantastic job. And we don't see how hard they work, really. They do it so flawlessly. So, we definitely appreciate that," Boge said.   

Stalls for nearly 2,000 horses are put in place in the expo and the barns where Ella and Hadley Meissinger came by to pet some of the horses. 

"Well, we just like horses so much,” Hadley said. 

They didn't have to travel very far to get here.

But Molly Silbernagel came from Washington state to compete with "Fireproof." 

"Looks a lot like his mother, and then has all the pretty Arabian attributes from his father," Silbernagel said. 

She's come for years to compete and said she's impressed with Tulsa. 

"The facility is really good for what we do. So, we really like it; hopefully, it doesn't have too big a thunderstorm tonight," she said. 

"It's a great town to come to. They're always super welcoming. And there's a lot of fun stuff to do here," Boge said. 

The horses, owners, trainers, and riders will enjoy the expo through the 28th before the next event comes along.