Union 6th Graders Exposed To Cocaine Unknowingly

Friday, October 13th 2017, 10:01 pm
By: Amy Avery

The mother of a Union 6th grader is relieved her daughter won't have to spend the rest of the semester in in-school suspension for something she didn't do. 

On Monday, several students here at the Union 6th and 7th grade center came into contact with a bag of cocaine, but they say they didn't know what it was.

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Now one mother is trying to change the notification process for parents so they can be better kept in the loop.

“She was told someone else brought something to school, but because it was in your possession you’re being punished for it,” says Thean Parker.

Thean Parker was in disbelief when her 11-Year-Old daughter came home on Monday and told her she was being suspended for touching a bag of cocaine that another child brought to school, but Parker says she didn't know what she was holding.

“She said had I known what it was I would’ve taken it to a teacher or a principal or the police or someone,” says Parker.

Parker says she wasn't notified about incident until the next day, and thought it was strange she hadn't hear from someone sooner.

“The first thing she said was, ‘Did Kasady tell you what happened yesterday?’ and I said, ‘Yes she did tell me, but it wasn’t an 11-year-old’s place to tell me,’” says Parker.

When Community Activist Charity Marcus heard about the situation, she wanted to help.

“My daughter is 11 and she is in sixth grade as well and if I were to put a bag of white substance in front of her she wouldn’t have a clue as to what it is,” says Marcus.

Parker & Marcus discussed the situation with the principal and assistant superintendent and told them they wanted to help make the notification process better, so no parent feels like they are being left in the dark.

“When there is something important going on at our school, we want to know about it,” says Marcus. “That’s part of being a community in a school district and also  building trust with your parents and building those relationships with  school and administration.”

Marcus says Union will be looking over their policies and making adjustments so that they are creating a better atmosphere not only for the students, but for the parents as well.

Parker says Union School officials also told her there will be more drug-related education so a situation like this doesn't happen again in the future.

“I just hope that everyone involved has learned something from the situation,” says Parker.

We reached out to Union Public Schools and they say they cannot comment on the issue.

Thean tells us school officials assured her this won't be on her daughter’s record.