Union Mom Says Daughter Exposed To Cocaine At Middle School

Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa mother is upset after she said her 11-year-old daughter was exposed to cocaine at the Union 6th and 7th Grade Center. She said not only did the school not notify her the day it happened, she said her child is being punished for something she didn't bring to school and had no knowledge of.

Union Schools told me that a bag of cocaine was found at the 6th and 7th Grade Center. The mom I talked to said the school didn't handle the situation appropriately, and now her daughter is at risk of being labeled for something she didn't do.

Thean Parker wants answers.
"I'm very upset, and I'm sure any other parent would be very upset as well," said Thean Parker.  Parker said her 6th grader came home on Monday upset, saying a kid brought drugs to school.

"I guess her and the other students didn't know that it was drugs at the time, and it was just a substance in a baggie and they were passing it back and forth to each other," she said.

"I mean my child is not exposed to drugs. I don't do drugs so why would my child know that something in a bag, a substance in a bag, is a controlled substance. I mean no kid should know that at 11 years old," Parker said.

Parker said she wasn't notified of the incident by Union Schools until the next day. 

"What if those children would have ingested that. What if they tried to taste it? They put it in another girl's hair, what if she got it in her mouth?" said parent Thean Parker.

She says to her surprise, they also told her that her daughter would be suspended for three days and be spending the rest of the semester in "in-school suspension" because she didn't turn the baggie into a teacher.

"I'm just trying to get answers - that's what I want - and I'm not getting that from the principal right now," she said.

"They are innocent children, if they don't know that something is dangerous then they are not going to be alerted in their mind to turn something in."

Parker says she doesn't understand why her daughter is being punished for not knowing what cocaine is and why the school didn't tell her that her daughter had come into contact with a dangerous drug.

I contacted Union Public Schools, and they tell me they cannot comment on any particular student or issue. They did say: "On Monday it was reported to us that students had found a white powdered substance. It was then turned over to staff and security, and was then turned over to TPD."