Local Police Departments Seek Recruits To Fill Hundreds Of Jobs

Tuesday, October 10th 2017, 7:40 pm
By: News On 6

There's a new call for help from local police departments hoping to fill hundreds of jobs. 

As the area continues to grow, the demand for officers is also. Not only is policing a dangerous job, but officers want to continue to build relationships with the community.

"The citizens have spoken, they want more police officers so we're trying to produce those for them," said Tulsa Police Maj. Ryan Perkins. 

The Tulsa police force puts a heavy emphasis on community policing, and they're looking for diversity and people committed to serving. 

"To come and be paid what a police officer gets paid to do this, you have to know and appreciate the impact you're going to have on the community," Perkins said. 

Police departments are trying to keep up.  Because as the local population grows, so does the possibility of crime. 

"As we get more people here, as we get more businesses, more traffic than we have to keep up with that demand," said BAPD Sgt. Stephen Garrett II. 

"We have a lot more that police officers have to do now than they did back then, and so the call volume and the workload on officers, and on detectives, on everybody in the police department is so much greater that we need more people to be able to do that work," Perkins said. 

Facing the challenge to do more with less, departments are aggressively recruiting.

"We want our officers to be approachable. we want officers that are friendly, but we also know it's a very difficult job," said recruiter Jeff Little.

Recruiters said recruits have to be 21 years of age to apply, be invested in their community and also have to pass the physical fitness test. 

For more information about recruitment, including salary information and details of job duties, visit the city of Broken Arrow's website.