TU Looks To Snap 4-Game Skid

Tuesday, October 10th 2017, 6:32 pm
By: Jonathan Huskey

After a disheartening loss at Tulane, Tulsa football is back home to try and snap a four-game skid.

"You know, what can you say though, to what's been, what happened,” said defensive tackle Jesse Brubaker.

In a game that was supposed to start at three, then moved to 11, then moved again to ten, the Golden Hurricane found themselves in a 21-0 hole before lunch. Despite a change at quarterback and two Shamari Brooks touchdowns, the start doomed TU to its fourth straight loss.

"We're not in a situation right now from a confidence standpoint, and, or, just talent standpoint that you can start get behind that fast, that early,” said head coach Philip Montgomery. 

Brubaker added, "Obviously, you don't ever come into a game expecting to get scored on like that.”

After the last four games, there's really nothing the Golden Hurricane can do except keep their heads down, keep working and try to right the ship.

Despite the disappointment, Montgomery says there's no hint of throwing in the towel. "We have guys wanting to win, wanting to fight and turn this ship around,” he said.

"Better not be anybody giving up. Don't let me see it,” said Brubaker. “With the way we work every day, there's no thought that comes in your mind that says, 'I'm going to throw in the towel.’”

As for the quarterbacks, Montgomery was non-committal moving forward after Luke Skipper came in to throw for 256 yards in relief of Chad President on Saturday.

"We'll just see how it all plays out,” he said. “We'll get on the practice field today. I thought he came in, did some nice things. His play is, just like everybody else's, has got to be more consistent across the board."