Tulsa Impact Team: Steps To Reduce Crime

Wednesday, October 4th 2017, 6:09 pm
By: News On 6

The police officers assigned to downtown Tulsa have a new focus.

They're doing more than taking reports, they're investigating the cases. They say while they're doing what they can to stop crime, you can help.

The downtown unit is called the Impact Team. There's five officers, and just recently, they've arrested a man breaking into businesses, caught a bank robber and assisted with a downtown homicide. The want to know about every crime inside the IDL and say nothing is too small.

"As small as a $30 vandalism, if there's video or some kind of evidence, we'll work it,” said Impact Team Cpl. Brandon Davis.

One frustration they have is people report their crimes on social media before they report them to police. Some victims don't even call police, thinking officers won't waste their time on it, but that is not the case for the Impact Team.

"My deal is, crime problems are not going to get better if people keep getting a pass to keep going out and committing new crimes,” said Davis.

Officers say if you have a video of a crime, send it to them first, before you put it on Facebook, so the criminals don't get a head start.

"Sometimes evidence is lost when that happens, like blood gets cleaned up at a scene and the officer gets there and has no clue there was blood,” Davis added.

They top three issues they see in downtown are a large number of psychiatric-mental health calls, followed by trespassing complaints, then property crimes.

They say you can help cut down on the property crimes. Don't leave your car unlocked and running. Don't leave your purse in the car, even if you think you've hidden it, and stop leaving guns in your vehicle because those are getting stolen all the time.

Anyone who wishes to contact the unit or send in tips can email tpdimpact@cityoftulsa.org.