Former OU Student Files Lawsuit Against Frat For Hazing Incident

Wednesday, October 4th 2017, 1:59 pm
By: Grant Hermes

A former OU student just filed lawsuit in Tulsa County against a well-known fraternity, saying he was violently hazed while pledging to become a member. 

Blake Novacek is suing the OU chapter of the national Beta Theta Pi fraternity, alleging he was knocked out during hazing and then threatened to keep quiet. 

Novacek filed his suit in Tulsa County and alleges in the fall of 2015 he was a plegde at the fraternity. 

After being called to the frat house with other pledges early one morning, members and alumni put a pillow case over his head and lead him to a separate room. 

He says he was shown a video of pigs being slaughtered and then asked facts about the fraternity. 

When he was unable to answer, a member, whom Novacek says was heavily intoxitcated, hit him with a baseball bat in his abdomen knocking him backwards. Novacek says he hit his head and passed out. 

Later he alleges a member told him to "keep his mouth shut" or the fraternity would damage his reputation, his family's reputation even have him kicked out of school.  

He says he never filed a complaint with the university despite the chapter's reputation for hazing on campus. 

Novacek only filed the suit a few days ago. It does coincide with several high profile trials of hazing incidents at greek organizations around the country that have sparked a discussion about hazing on college campuses. Novacek is suing for damages to the tune ot $75,000.