Two Men Out Over $1,000 For Promised Fence Work

Friday, September 29th 2017, 10:26 pm
By: Justin Shrair

More people have contacted News on Six about a man they say takes their money for fencing work and then never shows up. 

Last week we told you about a woman who said she lost $1,200, but know two more people have experienced the same thing. 

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Mitchell Trotter and his neighbor said Lowell Lewis took money from them in exchange for materials to build a fence and never showed. 

Trotter now wants to warn others.

Mitchell Trotter and his neighbor Joe Neely needed to replace a fence in between their houses. A former neighbor recommended Lowell Lewis, saying he did great work.

"We contacted Mr. Lewis, had him come out, super nice guy, told him what we wanted, yeah no problem, gave us a bid". Said Trotter. 

Mitchell said Lewis came out to the house again and asked for money up front to pay for materials. 

His documents show Mitchell and his neighbor agreed to pay Lewis 900 each.

“The first excuse he gave us was that the place where he was gonna buy the material the truck didn't show up, but as soon as he did he'd be out here the next day or the day after". Trotter said. 

Trotter said Lewis never showed and gave another excuse that he was in a car accident. 

“That was the last conversation I had with the guy after multiple phone calls and multiple texts, nothing, no response". He said.

We first found out about Lowell Lewis last week. 

A Tulsa woman said the same man took $1,200 from her and never completed her fencing work. 
Mitchell said he's telling his story because he doesn't want people to be in the same boat and has a message for Lewis:

"Just stop it stop and do what’s right and make restitution to the people you've taken advantage of and you know move forward and do what’s right".

Mitchell said he and his neighbor went to small claims court to file against Lewis today.