Pilot's Remains Returned To Oklahoma After Missing In Action 50-Plus Years

Thursday, September 21st 2017, 1:15 pm

A Vietnam War veteran's remains are back on American soil.  

It's a day his family waited for a half-century to see. 

After being Missing In Action for 51 years, Colonel Martin Scott's remains are back on the land he fought to be free. 

As everyone waits patiently for the moment the American hero lands, it's difficult to imagine what waiting five decades must feel like. 

"It's hard growing up without a dad," said his son, Ron Scott. 

The American Airlines flight is here, and Colonel Martin Scott is home. 

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"Finally got to come home," said his nephew Don Daniels. "I was 16 years old when he got shot down."

Daniels waited most of his life for the moment his uncle would come home, a moment he's proud the community paused for. 

Standing along the escort route with American flags, showing respect for the Vietnam War veteran. 

Scott was 12 when his dad was shot down in Vietnam back in 1966. 

He remembers his dad's pride in serving as a pilot for the Air Force. 

He also remembers the fun he had. 

"What most people don't realize, is what he's sitting on. It's an air-to-air missile that's mounted on an aircraft. And he's just sitting there smiling a great big smile and you're just kind of wondering 'what is he thinking?'" Scott said. 

A joint recovery team between the U.S. and Vietnam worked for years to find and identify his dad's remains.

Now that he's home, he knows his family members weren't the only ones waiting for him.  

"The American people still care about their veterans coming home," he said.  

Col. Martin Scott was 34 years old.

The funeral will be held at Woodlawn Cemetery in Claremore on Friday, September 22 at 2 p.m.

Anyone is welcome to attend and show support for Col. Scott and his family.