Safety High Priority For 100 Mile Garage Sale

Friday, September 8th 2017, 9:56 pm
By: News On 6

The yearly 100-mile yard sale will stretch from Oklahoma into Kansas this weekend. 

Traffic is expected to be an issue in some towns, so area police have some advice.

The city of Nowata is one of the places participating in the garage sale and folks around town say the streets will be packed with people.

So when you come into town, treat it like your own and be safe and aware.

Every year for the last 10, Virginia Parks has put on a yard sale outside her Nowata home. 

She has plenty of stuff and she says maybe even too much to sell.

She's one of possibly hundreds participating in the 100 mile Kansas to Oklahoma highway sale.

With such a long stretch, Lacey Carter says you're likely to find anything you want or need.

"The treasures are there if you really get out and look," Carter said.

In Oklahoma, folks can stop to shop in Lenapha, Delaware, Copan, Dewey, Bartlesville, and Nowata.

Parks said, "The cars are lined up around the corner way down there so I'm over there and it really does get to be pretty hectic."

It's the hectic traffic and surge of people expected that's pushing assistant police chief Sabrina Lee to issue a warning.
The streets around town are narrow, so be careful.

"We've had previous car accidents in the past and we've had issues with people leaving their car unlocked because of the fact that they are only going to be a few feet away," Lee said.

She's excited to see Nowata get the business but not at the risk of her community members. 

Carter says slow down for the children.

She said, “There's going to be kids. There is no fencing down here so I would be very cautious."

Parks agrees. 

Slow down, especially if you're coming her way.

You can find a list of all of the homes having garage and yard sales on this website