New Evidence Could Overturn Tulsa Man's Murder Conviction

Wednesday, September 6th 2017, 4:41 pm
By: News On 6

Kevin Warrior is serving a life sentence but a new development may set him free.

Homicide detectives say all signs pointed to Kevin Warrior being a guilty man. But News On 6 learned the murder weapon has finally been identified and it wasn't in Warrior's possession.

Police arrested Warrior for the June 2014 murder of Charles Dews.

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Two years later, a jury found him guilty and a judge sentenced Warriors to life in prison.

Now, new evidence could prove he's innocent.

It's surprising news to lead homicide detective Dave Walker.

"I was there on that investigation,” said Walker. “All roads led to Mr. Warrior."

A new request from Warrior's attorney says after the trial, a fellow inmate told Warrior his friend Mikel Ball murdered someone in 2014.

The inmate said Ball wasn't worried because someone else was convicted of the crime.

The document says Warrior soon realized they were talking about his case.

Turns out, police arrested Ball just a few weeks after the murder with a gun in his possession.

The TPD Forensic Lab tested that gun and confirmed it's a match for the weapon that killed Charles Dews.

"If the person who had the gun when he was arrested is the killer then he needs to answer for that, and we absolutely need to release the person that was convicted,” said Walker.

But Walker says just because Ball was arrested with the murder weapon, does not mean Warrior is an innocent man.

"I don't remember a Mikel Ball in this investigation,” Walker stated.

He says it's possible the gun came into Ball's possession after the murder took place. However, Walker says this new evidence isn't being taken lightly.

"Our job is to get it right,” he said. “If there are mitigating circumstances or other evidence that comes to light, then we certainly need to look into it."

Warrior's attorney is asking for a court hearing before the end of the month to discuss a new trial for his client.