Fort Gibson Marina Damaged In May By High Winds Taking Extra Precautions

Friday, September 1st 2017, 7:07 pm
By: News On 6

A Marina that was heavily damaged during high winds in May has been repaired and the owners have taken precautions to ensure the damage they sustained doesn't happen again.

Earlier this summer, part of the Long Bay Marina was underwater after being damaged by high winds, but, they have rebuilt some of it and are recovering.

Months after the damage, Chris Sinor with the marina can now stand where 27 feet of water once covered.

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"Almost touching that light shield, the plastic shield underneath the light, that's how high the water gets here," he said. "This one, the tanks are the only thing that's left on it that are any good. We have a walkway that's totaled."

Sinor has surveyed his damage after high winds in May sank several boats, tore apart one of his docks, ripping two walkways off another.

"Had we lost that third walkway, I probably would have lost all of the docks over here on this end," he said.

The damage cost him $110,000 and more than a month of repair work.

They removed damaged pieces of the 30 slips he lost and salvaged what they could. He's replaced 11 of them - the new ones are designed for high winds with a slit roof for the free-flow of air.

"So, that if we do start to pick up, we got a place for the air to go as opposed to flipping us over," he said.

Even though the damage was the worst he's had, the summer's been good for business.

Sinor said, "I didn't come out ahead on this, but, as far as the yearly income, we'll be better this year than we were last year."

And while there's more work to do, with the water down, fun is what's really on his mind.

"The kids can come back and swim again at the beach," Sinor said.

Long Bay Marina is sold out through Labor Day weekend, but Sinor said there are plenty of days and spots left as we move into the fall.