Decades Old Tulsa Businesses Changing Locations

Wednesday, August 30th 2017, 4:36 pm
By: News On 6

A new QuikTrip is coming to midtown Tulsa, but it'll be built on a corner that several local businesses have called home for decades.

Some Business owners are saying what they’ll do next.
Marcia Wolfe has owned Cusher's Barber Shop for 24 years. She says she's sad to leave the building behind, but she already has a backup plan in place.

For more than two decades, Marcia Wolfe says she's always fought to keep her shop open.
Now, a brand-new QuikTrip is moving in, and it's almost time to close the doors.

"I've been here 24 years. It's gonna be a little sad, it not being here. But through everything I've been through, I’ll kept it open. And closing it this way, it's okay with me." Said Wolfe.

Cusher's Barbering was there even before Wolfe.
On October 31st, she'll lock up for the last time.

"My first thing was panic. What am I going to do with the shop? But then I got to thinking, you know, I've paid rent for 24 years on two shops” Wolfe said.

Fortunately, she and her son have a second location on 51st and Union, so she won't be out of work for long.
Wolfe said she'll pick up right where she left off the very next day.
"Most of my customers that I've talked to already have said they'd follow me over there." Said Wolfe.

Bill & Ruth's is another local business that will have to set up shop elsewhere.
The sandwich shop has been in the 15th and Lewis area for close to 40 years.

"When we moved here, it was nothing like what you see right now." Said Bill and Ruth’s owner Samih Saiymeh,

"When you're faced with news that you weren't expecting, you have two ways to go. And we've kind of seen this as an opportunity to take our shop to the next level." Said Ayschia Kuykendall of Bill and Ruth’s.

The family says they're committed to staying on Cherry Street and feeding the community they have always loved for years to come.