Road Construction Problems Continue For Jenks Middle School Commuters

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017, 10:20 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Road construction along 101st continues to cause problems for commuters at Jenks Middle School. 

At times Wednesday, traffic was backed up for miles for those leaving the school. 

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Parents drove by at a snail's pace, some throwing up their hands in frustration as others were just angry.

"I hate it. I think they could have done a better job," said grandparent Pat Sirkis.

While we first reported traffic was tied up on both sides of the school, it seemed not to be a problem for the westbound lane on the east side of the property.

But in front of the school and leading up to the Creek Turnpike was another story.

Traffic was backed up for miles. 

"I think it just sucks especially since schools now getting out at like 4 p.m. and you get home it's about dinner time and you've got all that homework to do," said eighth-grader Derrick West.

City Councilor Phil Lakin said to make 101st safer, the city is widening it and adding turning lanes and sidewalks.

He said the original plan was to have everything fixed by March.

"Because of those sewer-related problems, they were going to finish the project in March and then next summer they're going to have to come back in and dig the part out," Lakin said.

Lakin said in the meantime, the city has been working to try and alleviate the traffic issue by retiming some of the area lights, 

"Giving green light priority to, getting as many cars out of the middle school as we possibly can during their primary time of need," Lakin said.

They hope to make it easier on parents. 

"It's bad. Well if they can fix this part I think it would be a little bit easier," said parent Cinthya Roig.

From March to May traffic will be able to go both directions, but come May, when school gets out, that sewer project will begin and close 101st entirely between Florence and Louisville.