Broken Arrow's Embers Grill Raided By Police

Wednesday, August 16th 2017, 10:19 pm
By: News On 6

Police raided the Embers Grill property in Broken Arrow Wednesday night related to the possession of unlicensed gambling devices and for maintaining an unlicensed gambling premises.

A task force assembled this afternoon after the Muscogee (Creek) Nation District Court issued a search warrant and an arrest warrant for Stephen Bruner, the owner of this property.

Warrants for the search and arrest of Bruner were issued Wednesday morning.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Light Horse Police raided the property shortly after 6:30 p.m. and took Bruner into custody, arresting him for possession of unlicensed gambling devices. 

Police did find electronic gambling devices inside the Embers Grill.

They continued to search the property late Wednesday.

The Muscogee Creek Nation released the following statement on the raid:

“The Muscogee Creek Nation Light Horse Police has forced and served an arrest warrant for Stephen Bruner and a search warrant on the Embers Grill property related to criminal charges filed against Mr. Bruner for the possession of unlicensed gambling devices and for maintaining an unlicensed gambling premise. Both of which are violations of the Nation’s Criminal Statutes. 

Upon executing the warrants numerous electronic gaming machines and other gaming related equipment and devices were found inside the Embers Grill building. The Nation has also seized the property since it is related to the commission of these crimes. The Nation has also obtained an emergency temporary restraining order against Mr. Bruner, the Kialegee Tribal Town and the developers to prevent further development at this site. 

The Muscogee Creek Nation has followed through with the commitments stated in its June 6th, 2017 letter to Mr. Bruner to take any and all action necessary to prevent unlicensed gaming within the Nation’s jurisdiction.  Also, in its June 6th letter The Nation advised Mr. Bruner of the possible consequences of his and others attempts to open an illegal casino on his property located south of the Creek Turnpike and west of South 129th East Avenue. 

Mr. Bruner and others associated with the casino development have continued to disregard the Nation’s  law and regulations by bringing unlicensed gaming machines and other gaming related equipment on to the site and moving forward with opening the facility.  This resulted in the actions taken by law enforcement this evening. 

The fact that the gaming machines and other gaming equipment were found on the premises makes it clear that all earlier statements that gaming was only being considered were false, and the intent of the parties involved has always been to open an unlicensed casino.

The Nation will continue to take all actions necessary to prevent unlicensed gaming within its jurisdiction.”