Tulsa Store Owners Relieved By Tornado Clean-Up Progress

Saturday, August 12th 2017, 11:07 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Business is picking back up along 41st Street from Yale to Sheridan nearly a week after a tornado blew through the area.

The tornado barely passed by Totally Tennis.

"It just roared down 41st Street," said Sherry Price. "Thank goodness we were a little off 41st Street."

Just a couple doors down in their shopping center, AT&T and Woodcraft saw heavy damage.

Tennis store owners Sherry and Cliff Price say it's looking a lot better right now, and they've watched as crews cleaned up all week.

"People were on cranes with the traffic lights and then, people - construction people - were out there and I'm sure insurance people were in there too so it was a busy place and not in a good way," Sherry said.

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"I watched them working on Woodcraft and I saw welders, and they were trying to make it so they could get their products out," Cliff Price said.

Cliff says the parking lot was littered in debris just a few days ago. Now, that same lot is covered with customers.

"They did a major job of cleaning up because that Sunday, you couldn't get into the front part of the parking lot," he said.

We watched as plenty of customers came in Saturday, August 12. The owners say it's been great getting back to work.

"The first three days we were open, we got calls all day saying 'oh, you're open. Is everything ok?'" Sherry Price said. "So everybody's just happy to be back."