Storm, Tornado Leaves 6-Mile 'Disaster Area' In Tulsa

Sunday, August 6th 2017, 10:51 pm
By: News On 6

A tornado took huge chunks out of roofs and buildings as it made its way through Tulsa.

Police estimate the destruction area is about six miles long. 

On any given day there would be traffic and Tulsa businesses would be bustling with people. 

With all the damage though, it'll be a while before things are back to the way they were.

"Right now it's pretty much a disaster area," said Demita Kinard, Tulsa Police officer.

Bricks, sheet rock and everything else is scattered along 41st Street.

On top of the debris, splintered power lines. 

The TGI Friday's restaurant caved in with people still inside. 

The damage is extensive, but all of it can be fixed. 

The people, that's another story.

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"There were people that had some pretty horrific injuries. But none of them were life threatening which was great and we had no loss of life," Kinard said.

In all about 13 people had to be rescued.

"It's an incredible thing because all of this damage," Kinard said.

The EF-2 tornado skipped along a six-mile path causing destruction at every turn. 

Although the majority of the damage is isolated to this stretch of 41st, a nearby neighborhood was hit too. 
Rick Cole is still in shock.

"I thought it was a clap of thunder to find out it was a tree landing on my house," Cole said.

Two branches actually pierced through his ceiling.

There's even more damage to his roof after his neighbor's tree fell over. 

This is a huge blow but he's in good enough spirits.

"Well I woke up on this side of dirt this morning so I'm real happy," Cole said.

The clean up process for the businesses in this area is expected to take months and possibly even longer.

"You can't fix mother nature. So what do you do? You just go on down the road," Cole said.

There's still no timeline on when any of the businesses will open back up.

Right now the focus is clearing out the streets and getting the splintered power poles fixed.