Tulsa Magnet School Needs More Students To Enroll

Friday, August 4th 2017, 10:57 pm
By: News On 6

A unique magnet school in Tulsa needs more students so it can function like a micro-society.  

If you have a child sixth, seventh, or eighth grade, and haven't signed them up for school yet, you may want to check out Monroe Demonstration Middle School.

This is not your typical school experience.

So, if you think your child is ready for a real-world challenge, this could be the place that launches them and makes them love to learn.

"Such an exciting time. It's real life learning," said Kiana Smith,

Monroe Demonstration Middle School is like no other.

"If you want to learn how to be a business owner, have your own business, you learn here in school," Smith said.

It's geared for young entrepreneurs, public servants and franchisees. 

"They'll learn about how to truly invest their talents to make money for themselves," Smith said.

The school gets students involved in a micro-society all year long, affectionately called Monrovia.

There are restaurants with homegrown food, an elected mayor, public safety, a court room, and everything in between.

Kids get to turn an idea into a business here.

"I have this sock business that I want to get going, I just need a platform and someone to guide me through it,' Smith said.

Then, make real money.

"Actually earn money while you're at school," Smith said.

Of course all the core subjects are covered, but you've never seen a school this unique, or a learning environment — really — this comfortable.

"If the chair is just not working for you today, you have a different option," Smith said.

The students are always on the move.

"They read outside sometimes," Smith said.

Even a former Tulsa teacher of the year has even been drawn in.

"I saw the big classrooms, I saw the engaging lessons," said Rob Kaiser.

And Kaiser is now the assistant principal.

"We want them to have the opportunity to grow as leaders in our micro-society," Kaiser said.

That means getting to vote on things that's important to them, like instating a "jeans Friday."

"We allow them to see how their voice, truly can impact change," Smith said.

There are clubs and sports as well.

If you want your kid to become a Mustang there are 70 spots left.

There's a parent open house next Saturday, Aug. 12, from 11-2 p.m.