Police Arrest Woman Who Was Shot In Ankle During Car Theft Attempt

Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 5:09 am

Police arrested a woman who was shot in the ankle during a car theft attempt late Wednesday in east Tulsa. Officers said the woman, Nicole Hughes,  was giving three people a ride to an east Tulsa apartment complex when she was shot.

Police arrested Hughes after EMSA took her to the hospital, because police say she was driving a stolen car and had outstanding arrest warrants.

Officers say it all started when the woman was at a QuikTrip near 11th and Garnett.  She told police a man and two women asked for a ride to the Sierra Pointe Apartments in the 1300 block of South 107th East Avenue.

Police said once in the car, the suspects told Hughes to drive down a dead end street and demanded her car keys. Officers say she fought with them, but the man shot her as she tried to run off.

The victim told police, the three people then jumped into a gray vehicle parked nearby and took off heading north on 107th East Avenue. She drove to the A-Mart convenience store and told a clerk what happened. The clerk called police. 

Nicole Hughes was treated for minor injures then arrested because police say she was driving a stolen vehicle and had two outstanding warrants. Officers said even though Hughes was a victim in this case, they had no choice but to take her into custody.

"Once a judge issues warrants for their arrest, unfortunately, it's taken out of the officer's hands on discretion," said Officer Adam Ashley, Tulsa Police. "You have to arrest."

Police are still looking for the three suspects and trying to piece together everything that happened. If you know anything that could help, call police.