Creek County Jail Facing Major Air Conditioning Issues Amid Summer Heat

Monday, July 24th 2017, 5:04 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Temperatures are rising in the Creek County jail because of an air conditioning problem.

It started more than a week ago.

Chief Deputy Fred Clark says the temperature inside hit 83 degrees, so they've put in fans to help move air, but the repair won't be in the next couple of days — while it's 100 degrees or hotter outside.

The air conditioning system in Creek County's jail needs a major repair, according to the sheriff's office.

So major it requires the time to get several bids and new plans for a complicated repair.

Clark said he's not sure when county commissioners will award a bid or how much longer repairs will take.

Family members of inmates say their loved ones are suffering.

Ryan Coker's wife was jailed two weeks ago and she says the air conditioner hasn't worked in that time.

"She wasn't sure if it wasn't working or they just didn't turn it on, but it turns out it's just not working. They had her in there for a week without a mat or a bed for a week before they got her one," Coker said.

Coker said his wife complains about the jail being dirty, overcrowded and overheated with inmates who have no time outside.

The sheriff's office admits the jail is overcrowded like most jails in Oklahoma, but that's little comfort to inmates and their families.

"It's not OK to stick people in there like that. Those are wives and mothers ... kids and parents being locked up," Coker said.

The sheriff's office says the geo-thermal air conditioning failed in part of the jail, leaving it with about 75 percent of the capacity to keep it comfortable during the hottest part of the year.

The lobby was cool today, but the sheriff's office says jail offices and some rooms for inmates are hotter than they should be.

The sheriff's office says the situation is in the hands of county commissioners and the jail trust authority.

One has to approve the bids, the other has to pay the bill.