Harold Kuntz Gets Lesson In Irons From Kyley Tetley Of Golf Studio

Friday, July 21st 2017, 10:58 pm
By: News On 6

News On 6's Harold Kuntz is swinging the irons for the fourth edition of the Harold Project this week.

He went to the Golf Studio in Bixby and took on Kyley Tetley.

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Harold: "We're here with Kyley Tetley of the Golf Studio for Part 4 of the Harold Project. Today we're going to learn about irons, right?"

Kyley: "Yes, Harold, so we're going to get you going here, get you set up, we're going to use our video and see what your ball flight looks like on our projector here and see what we can do for you."

Harold: "So let's get started."

Kyley: "Look at your left leg here, breaks in a lot and your right hip works sideways or laterally.. that'll help with your consistency a little bit better.  I want you to feel your hips rotate, not so much that way, but more straight back.. so that right hip.. there you go."

Kyley: "Get set up at the top .. stop, okay now through. Look at that!  That was good.  See how you're centered here and got that space in between your knees a little bit better .. let's do that again.  Stop.. good.. now through."

Kyley:  "This is you before.. and this is our turn after.  I want you to be just as balanced."

Harold: "Oh wow."

Kyley: "I want to be just as balanced at the top as I am at address .. move your chest with the club .. so you want to finish rotated on your right side."

Harold: "Well then, Kyley, appreciate it."

Kyley: "Thanks for coming in."